How To Build The Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit


When disaster strikes, will you be ready?

You must know how to build the ultimate disaster survival kit so you can survive any disaster that comes your way. Your family is depending on your decision to do something now to protect them in the future. Your first step to keeping your family alive is to stash away some useful gear that will allow you to do what it takes to survive without things like running water, heat, electricity and other modern conveniences.

How To Build The Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit

Survival at Home

If you are home when disaster strikes, you will want to stay put until it is safe to leave. If you are not ready to shelter in place in your home, you are going to be left going without food, water, lights and other basic needs.

You can get ready by stockpiling things like non-perishable food and drinkable water. Along with the basics, you will want to have some tools on hand to help make things easier.Survival Knife

  • Flashlights
  • Fire starting tools
  • Sharp knife
  • 2-way radio
  • Crank emergency radio
  • Winter gear i.e. extra gloves, hats, coats and boots for every member of the family
  • First aid kit
  • A supply of prescription medicines
  • Lantern
  • Small solar charging station

A disaster can be anything that interrupts your daily routine and puts you in jeopardy. A severe storm, rioting, terrorism or a major power outage are just some of the disasters that could leave you in the dark and on your own.

Survival at Home

Survival Away from Home

It isn’t feasible to assume you will be at home when disaster strikes. Most people have jobs, errands or school that takes them out of the home on a daily basis. Disaster doesn’t wait until you are tucked away at home with all of your emergency supplies at the ready. You need to be ready for a disaster any time of the day, no matter where you are.

Keeping a bag of gear in the trunk of your car or at work is a good idea. There are plenty of tools you can carry in a purse or in a back pocket. Never leave home without the following items.Survival Flashlight

  • Tactical survival pen
  • Fire starting tool
  • Multi-tool
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency vehicle escape tool—just in case your car is submerged in water or you have been in an accident and need to break out a window
  • Folding survival knife that can fit right into your back pocket without being obvious
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Water purification tablets or a filtering straw
  • Emergency blanket
  • Paracord—wearing paracord in a bracelet is easy, fashionable and can provide you with several pieces of survival gear in a single piece
  • Emergency food bars/protein bar
  • Bottled water/canteen
  • Signaling kit/emergency whistle

You don’t have to carry every item on this list, but if you have the means to have a backpack, take as much gear as you can to ensure you are ready for anything.

Survival Away From Home

Emergency Skills You Need to Know

Having the right gear is only half the survival battle. You need to know how to use your gear to stay alive. The following skills will be critical to your survival.Survival Tactical Pen

  • How to build a shelter from what you find in your surroundings
  • How to find water and make it safe to drink
  • How to hunt small game
  • How to forage for edible plants
  • Basic first aid
  • How to start a fire using magnesium sticks
  • How to fish using a primitive pole you have made

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but never get complacent. Always be ready with a cache of survival gear.